Our Services

Strategic Planning

To help prioritize your goals and look at the big picture Nation Consulting can facilitate strategic planning workshops or meetings for your organization.

Organizational Development

As you work to create or restructure your organization, Nation Consulting can use its expertise to aid this process. 

Political Campaigns

With years of experience working on campaigns at every level, the Nation Consulting team runs a successful local, state, and national campaigns.

Media Relations

With a long standing communications background, Nation Consulting staff have media relationships and skills that can help you ensure you convey your key messages.

Crisis Communications

It is important to be prepared in the event of a communication crisis and Nation Consulting can create a plan and facilitate a workshop to prepare your staff. More information

Government Relations

Many Nation Consulting staff have worked in government, understand how the system works and maintain key relationships and can help your company in this process.

Grassroots Organizing

With a rich background of political campaigns and other grassroots efforts, Nation Consulting can use its skills and contacts to help with your grassroots campaign. 


The Nation Consulting team has key contacts and experience fundraising, to assist your organization with fundraisers and grant procurement to help meet your financial goals.

Project Management

Nation Consulting staff are able to assist with your project management needs to ensure high quality projects are completed efficiently.


With our background and contacts, Nation Consulting can meet your polling and research needs to ensure effective messaging to your intended audience.

Materials Development

The Nation Consulting team can create marketing, promotional or other printed or visual materials to meet your needs and effectively convey your intended messages.

Internet Planning & Website Design

If you're looking to create or redesign your online presence, Nation Consulting can aid in this process and ensure that it fits in with your communication goals.

Social Media Implementation

With experience navigating the various social media landscapes, Nation Consulting can help build and strengthen your social media presence.

Brand Development and Visibility

Nation Consulting can help you develop your brand and convey your key messages to consumers as well as increase your brand's overall visibility.

Media Production and Buying

Specializing in media relations we can also help your company with the production and buying of media to get your message out there.