Our Strengths

Public Relations

Our partners have decades of experience serving as on-the-record spokespersons for corporate, non-profit, and political clients alike. Having dealt with national and statewide media at the highest levels, we have experience crafting effective messages. Whether it’s getting your good news out, or developing and implementing a crisis communications plan, Nation Consulting can help your organization or business tell its story.

While Nation Consulting has effectively utilized earned media, we’ve also implemented paid media campaigns to help achieve our clients’ goals. Working with the best media production teams in the country, we can develop the script, cut the ads, and purchase the time or ad space to get your message out quickly and efficiently. Online, print, radio, TV – we’ve done it all, and we can do it for you.

Government Relations

Our team has worked on the “inside” of the offices of Governors, Congressional members, and state agencies. We’ve worked at every level of government, and we have the relationships necessary to help you navigate state and federal bureaucracies to accomplish your goals. We know how government works – and we know what government can do for you.

Online Strategies

Regardless of your industry, the internet and social media have a role to play in achieving your public relations goals – and we have the experience and the expertise to implement a plan suited to your needs. Whether you need to effectively use social networking sites, manage a blog, conduct email campaigns or use Web 2.0 tools, Nation Consulting can help you maximize your online presence in a way that is both cost-effective and beneficial to your business or organization.

Economic Development

Nation Consulting has a successful track record of working with Wisconsin’s largest and most well recognized regional economic development organization. From launching the brand, to overseeing regional and national media relations activities, Nation Consulting has helped set the bar for regional economic development activities in Wisconsin.

Organizational Development

Whether your group is non-profit or for-profit, large or small, in any industry, Nation Consulting has the experience to help your organization grow, develop, and achieve its goals. Our team has a proven track record of nonprofit management, grassroots organizing, membership recruitment, fundraising, and strategic planning, helping organizations of all sizes develop sustainable business models while expanding their influence and making their voices heard.


Getting government officials or bodies to do what you want isn’t easy. Government is inherently a slow, bureaucratic entity. When you want elected or appointed officials to change policy, you need a comprehensive plan – and the resources, relationships and quick-thinking to implement that plan.

We come to you with decades of experience in advocacy, moving legislators and engaging state agency leaders to action. Let us help you build and drive an aggressive advocacy agenda.