Crisis Communications: how can your organization get the help you need on a budget you can afford

We understand that many companies and organizations do not have a budget that can accommodate an indefinite commitment to a public relations consultant to be on call; however, an investment in your communications strategy can be infinitely beneficial to your work. It is also a unique professional development opportunity for your staff.

To address this need, Nation Consulting is offering a flat rate public relations and crisis communications plan development and training program. This program includes:

  • public relations assessment
  • two professional consultation sessions
  • specialized crisis communications plan
  • focused, half-day training program for key staff

We also offer discounted rates for additional follow-up trainings, ongoing public relations & communications services, and any additional public affairs needs you may have. From start to finish, this is a three- to six-month process to assess needs, create a plan and conduct the training.

Public Relations Needs Assessment

The Nation Consulting team will sit down with your key staff to fully understand your specialized communications needs. In addition, we will research your company and industry, and previous media coverage. This assessment is critical to making the most of the limited time and resources that you devote to this important component of your business.

Consultation Sessions

After we begin constructing your communications plan, our team will hold two professional consultation sessions with your key staff members. The first will be to review and talk about the results of our public relations needs assessment for your company and how we think your communications plan should be prioritized. We will go over our thoughts on where your crisis communications plan should focus, receive feedback from you, and adjusting the focus of our work accordingly. In the second session the team will present your crisis communications plan in detail and coordinate with you on planning the half-day training with your key leaders.

Crisis Communications Plan Development

Through this process, Nation Consulting will develop a specialized crisis communications plan the fits the unique needs and structure of your company. Plans for each company and organization we work with vary, but some key components include: a crisis response policy; core crisis communication team contact information sheet; a breakdown of staff responsibilities; a crisis response procedure; a breakdown of the crisis communications process; an on-the spot crisis communications checklist; tips for working with the media; specific media interview guidelines; and a catalog of draft key messages where our staff has drafted messages to possible crisis communications scenarios that you may encounter. This is a living document that Nation Consulting will work on with you and your staff to accommodate your changing needs.

Focused, Half-Day Training Program

Based on your public relations needs assessment, the crisis communications plan, and the professional consultations with your staff, Nation Consulting will develop a half-day training program for your key staff members to ensure the plan can be effectively implemented. Again, these training sessions vary based on a specific company’s needs and structure. They generally include: a review of the company’s crisis communications plan; mock crisis scenario drills; tips for speaking with the media; and media interview scenarios.

In the mock crisis scenario drills, our team develops a couple of possible scenarios that you may encounter and challenges your staff to address these crises in real time. This is followed by a discussion and review of how each scenario is handled.

The media interview scenarios give your staff a chance to polish their media interview skills. We again develop realistic media scenarios and participants are tasked with addressing the questions posed. To add lasting value of this exercise and to give staff a concrete assessment of their skills, we videotape the interviewees, give detailed feedback and provide the recording to you following the training.

Nonprofit and small business discounts are available, please contact Sachin Chheda at for details.